Leah Cristina | 16 Month Update

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The last time I wrote an official Tutu update it was at the 6 month mark! Holy moly! Tutu turned 16 months this month and boy she's grown and developed so much. This girl has so much personality and I love it. I'm into astrology so I must say she's definitely true to her sign, a Leo. She likes to be the center of attention, is very chatty, knows what she wants, and just has a strong character. She has about 15 words in her vocabulary which I'm so amazed and proud of her. Some of her favorite words are: apple, puppy, night night, pee pee, bye, and mommy, just to list a few. 

She's been in daycare for 4 months now and I think that has helped her develop a lot plus I love that she's around kids, she even has a best friend already. Leaving her at daycare for the first time was so hard for me in different ways. As always something that I've learned from parenthood is that it's a gate that automatically opens so many opinions. A few family members didn't agree with our choice of enrolling her in daycare so I would be able to work but as the time passes all I can say is the only opinion that matters is the one me and my husband make for her and not to toot our own horn but I'd say we are some damn good parents to Leah. She definitely made it easy because she so social she blended in right away and made her best friend right away. I love her child care provider so much and I love how much Leah is loved by her. 

I still can't fathom that she's 16 months. I'm trying to cherish every single minute of her growing up until the day comes where she doesn't wan't kisses from momma or needs me for bath time or to cut her food to eat. Honestly, just writing that made my eyes watery. I love her to the moon and back! I get a lot of questions of when baby #2 is coming. Haha! I definitely don't think I'm  ready yet but I definitely don't want her to be an only child. I grew up with many sisters and cousins around me I always wanted a big family. For now I'm soaking up every bit of those cheeks!  

kids fashion, toddler outfit ideas, mom bloggers, fashion moms