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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Showering Baby Girl

I wanted to share this post a few weeks ago but I'm finally getting around to it. Showering baby girl was such a fun a day and I wanted to share some photos from that day. I didn't have a theme in mind but I knew for sure I wanted pink a gold together. Those colors just mesh so well together! I'm a super hands-on person and also crafty so this shower wasn't a surprise. Hey that's just me I always like my hands in things especially anything party related. I love doing decorations and putting party stuff together. 

The location was in a nice venue back home in New Jersey. It made the most sense because 85% of our family and friends live in NY/ NJ. My amazing grandmother made the cake and the sweet table full of delicious sweet treats. She's so talented and it makes me so emotional knowing she's made every birthday cake for me since I was 1, my wedding cake, and now my baby shower cake. That means so much to me! My family was very helpful in setting up and I'm very appreciative of that.

I didn't have any baby shower games because it was only for 4 hours and I just wanted people to dance and have a good time. It was also a good time for my husband and I to catch up with old friends we hadn't seen in forever. We did, however, have a diaper raffle. My sister-in-law had suggested that and it was such a great idea. Anyone who brought diapers got a raffle ticket to win a gift card. We got so many diapers! Our house is stacked with diapers everywhere. I'm sure that will come in handy soon.

For my look, I wanted something with lace and ended up ordering a dress online that didn't fit. I was freaking out a bit because it was close to the shower and felt like I wasn't going to find something else on time. Well, Amazon to the rescue! I ended up finding this peachy lace dress that fit like a glove. My husband's suit was also from Amazon and I loved the way it looked on him! A big shout out to my sister for doing my eye makeup! She's super talented and I was just too tired that day to even remotely do my makeup. #pregnantproblems

Sorry for the picture overload, hope you guys enjoy these pictures!

Photos by:PMI Lens

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