A Loungewear Set For Spring


Last week I went to shoot a few looks including this one and the weather was really giving me all the summer vibes. I knew the weather was going to be nice hence why I choose that day for photos but I didn't know it was going to be a scorcher. I recently got this skinny jogger loungewear set from Femme Luxe and wanted to shoot it. The material is super light weight and I love the ribbed style to it. You guys know how much I rave about their loungewear set collection. It's the best! 

My original plan was to wear the two piece set as is but because the weather was just too hot I had to improvise, and let me tell you I ended up loving the edited version of this look. I paired it with a yellow tank which if you follow me on social media you know the running joke about this tank top. I pretty much wear it all the time lol! I threw the top of the loungewear set over my shoulders and I love the preppy feel it gave the outfit. I paired it with a pair of comfy sneakers that matched the comfy mixed with chic vibes I was going for. Lastly, I added a cross body bag that has a coin purse attached which gives the illusion of a trendy double purse. I feel like adapting this outfit was a life lesson, when things don't go your way adapt and you just might end up liking the change. 

Photos by: Armandhugon

Jogger Set: Femme Luxe (here)