The Perfect Combo: A Blazer, Boots, and Faux Leather Pants


If there is three things I like to mix, it's definitely a blazer, boots, and pair of (faux) leather pants. I actually need to update my boots but I still love these combat style ones. I always say a blazer is super versatile and I love matching it with these faux leather pants. I personally think it's the perfect combo. This shawl collar blazer is from SHEIN and I love it. It's super comfy and I love how it has a drape kind of style. I have been meaning to update my nude tone blazer because it was so old and this was the perfect replacement. How many blazers do you guys own? They are so key in your wardrobe.

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Photos by: Armandhugon

Blazer: SHEIN (here) use code 9kloset | Pants: Femme Luxe | Boots: Taos Footwear