How To Style A Crop Top For Fall


I never been a fan of crop tops but since high waisted anything became a thing I found my new love for crop tops. Now my 17 year old self would have probably told me what's the point of a crop top if I'm not showing my stomach. Haha! Now a days I love my crop tops with high waisted pants or skirts. I'm wearing a ribbed off the shoulder crop top from Femme Luxe with a pair of plaid pants. When I first got the top I though it might have been too short for me but these extra high waisted plaid pants came in handy. The top is pretty and it comes in white as well. I feel it's such a basic but cute top that matches any type of bottoms. 

Photos by: Armandhugon

Top: Femme Luxe (here) | Pants: Shein | Sunglasses: Foster Grant