Preparing Your Dog For a New Baby

dogs, babies, Preparing Your Dog For a New Baby

One question my husband and I have gotten a lot while pregnant is what are we going to do about our dog Brotis. For some reason, that question just drives me bonkers because to me it sounds like we need to get rid of him or he won't be a good fit with the baby. We've had Brotis now for 3 years and he fits like a glove to our family. He's very smart and catches on to things quickly. I've never had a dog before and this may sound crazy but he's taught me a lot about how to be a parent. When we first got him there were many trial and errors on what works for him just like when you have a baby for the first time. I'm also not the most patient person and hate messes around the house. Brotis has taught me that being perfect will not work in the parent department. That was always one of my biggest fears when becoming a parent, being patient enough. I feel I've learned a bit how to ease up and not be so perfect when it comes to that.

He's very smart and knows something is up and that a big change is coming. We've done so much research on preparing a dog for a new baby and one of the things we been doing is letting him smell baby stuff. We have been getting a ton of baby gifts to the house already and everything that comes we let him smell it so he can start to get familiar with the new baby scents and baby things. Another thing we've tried is playing crying baby sounds to see how he reacts but I guess we won't know until the real thing because he doesn't even bat an eye when we play a crying baby on our phones. lol. One of my favorite articles on PetMd (here) has so many good tips and tricks. I hope once she arrives he adapts well and baby girl and Brotis become best friends. It may not be an easy process but I have faith that it will all work out.

If you guys have gone through adjusting a pet to a new baby share what tricks worked for you down below! I would love to hear them.