Fashion Of The Americas: A Cultural Experience

Pictures by: ArmandHugon

Last month I attended a fashion show in downtown DC with my blogger babe Marisol. It had the most distinguished designers from Latin America. I fell in love with so many beautiful gowns and designs! Some of the pieces were available to purchase from the designer, which was perfect for the
upcoming holiday season. It was such a cultural experience as I experienced the arts and fashion from different countries. The best part about it, all of the proceeds from the event went to a great cause, children's diabetes. I love events with a good purpose; it's so amazing to see people come together for a good cause.

Some of the designers from the show were Amparo Chorda from Spain, Alex Ferre of Columbia, Fernanda Melo from Mexico, Federico Visuetti from Panama, Gerardo Cuya from Peru, and Roxana Sittic-Harp from Bolivia and Argentna to name a few. A few emotional stories during the night were shared that really touched me. Louisa Meruvia, the president of Networking For The Arts Foundation shared how she lost her mom to diabetes. It felt good being present and listening to some personal stories. 

Below are a few pictures of the event. Hope you guys enjoy them! 
Let me know which design is your favorite.

(My fav! That cape is everything!)

Hope you guys enjoyed these gorgeous designs.
Happy Monday!