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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

52 Book Challenge

books, currently reading, 52 book challenge, current read, bookclub
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52 books in 52 weeks?

That almost sounds impossible but it's a book challenge I'm up for. My husband started this about 3 years ago and I kind of thought he was crazy. Life within itself is so busy how can I read 52 books in 52 weeks!? I added reading more books to my list of goals for this year. I use to read a lot but I feel like I've been lacking in the reading department and I miss it. I know life gets busy but that's why it's called a challenge and I'm up for it. It's a great mind stimulator and a great challenge to accomplish. 

Here's some of the books on my list so far:

books, currently reading, 52 book challenge, current read, bookclub

Eat Pray Hustle
Tales From The Back Row
Simply Strong 365 days a year
The Knockoff
My Paris Dream
Before We Were Strangers
The Sweet Life
Leave Your Mark
The Alchemist
Big Little Lies
I Am That Girl
Start Where You Are

Would you guys try a 52 book challenge?

Leave me some book recommendations in the comments so I can add to my list, any topics (love stories, sci-fi, inspirational, funny).

Happy Tuesday loves!

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