DIY: Spray Painted Table

Today's post is a simple DIY I did a few weeks ago. I love to share different things on the blog aside from just outfits just to switch things up and give you guys a little variety. DIY is one of my favorite things to do. My husband says I can't keep my hands still and I think he's right. I love to craft things and give thing my own personal touch. I had this end table since I lived in my old apartment and when I was moving into my current apartment this past January this table was in the toss pile. I was tired of it and I hated the old wood color. I knew I wanted a new living room color scheme for the new place but something told me not to throw it out and keep it and I'm glad I did. I came across a Pinterest pin of a red end table when I was searching black and red living room decor since those were the colors I wanted for the living room. A light bulb instantly went on in my head! I decided to revive my table by spray painting it red. It was so easy to do and looks perfect in the living room now and I saved my self money on buying a new end table. 

Definitely spray paint outside, the fumes are strong for indoor painting. I also used a mask because the smell for me was too strong. You're also going to need old newspaper or a sheet so you don't spray paint the ground. 

I purchased the spray paint in Walmart. The color I got was "apple red" with a gloss. There was so many colors and different finishes. I even found a glitter spray paint. I automatically started to think of anything at home that needed a glitter finish (lol) but no luck. 

Shake, shake, shake and paint away. I gave my table one coat, of course you can give it as many coats as you desire until you're satisfied with the color. This red was so vibrant all I needed was one. I left it  out to dry for about two hours. 

Hope I inspired you guys to give something in your home a little spray paint makeover. 
Thanks for reading!