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DIY Makeup Vanity

Monday, July 27, 2015

Happy Monday!
Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend. 
For today's post I wanted to share my little DIY makeup vanity I created. When me and my husband moved into our new apartment back in January I wanted to turn the second room into a little fashion/ beauty room. In our old apartment I had all my beauty products on the night stand in our bedroom and it just looked super cluttered. I knew I wanted to give my beauty products and make up their own space. 

I didn't want to get a actually desk for the vanity because I have a few shoe shelves and my little PK office in the room and I felt another desk will clutter the room. I do want to share the entire room with you guys to show you my little DIY walk in closet, but I decided to share the vanity on it's own post because it was a fun little project for me. I also thought of getting the Hollywood vanity but felt it was too expensive so I got creative. 

I purchased these two high gloss floating shelves from IKEA. I originally wanted white but they didn't have white in stock when I went to the store. I didn't want to wait any longer to create my vanity at the time because I was doing my make up off of a box (seriously). I stuck with the red and I'm happy I did because it looked great. The shelves were easy to install with just two screws drilled into the wall and a panel that latches into the shelves. It was so easy to install. I did two shelves for a little more space.


This was before I added any decor, just the plain finished product. I purchased the mirror at Walmart and I painted the edges in gold to match better. I did a blog post on it and you can read about it (here).

I needed some lighting and I wanted to get a strip of vanity bulbs but they have to be connected through the wall electricity wires and I didn't want to go through too much trouble in a apartment. I purchased white icicles lights instead and out them around the mirror and they really do give me good lighting. The vanity is also next to a window so the two lighting work perfectly together for me. 

I got the lipstick quote and two red lips decal from Amazon. It added such a cute and girly touch. They are easy to peel and come off easily if you wanted to change them. The Keep Calm & Lash On frame I created my self. I bought the frame in the dollar store and just printed the words with a nice font. I glued some old lashes and some glitter. Voila! 

Plastic drawers from Target.

Small mirror from Walmart

Lipstick holders from Amazon

I'm currently using my dinning table's stool as my little stool for the vanity because I haven't found one that I like. I'm hoping I find one soon to officially finish the vanity.

This is the finally product minus the vanity chair which I'm on the hunt for one and possibly add a little more decoration to the wall but for now I'm happy with the outcome. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and hope that it strikes any ideas to brighten up your make up area. I got a few of these ideas from Pinterest. That's a great place for inspiration. I've linked everything from this post below. 

Have a great day loves!


  1. Thanks for the writeup and photos Patty! Im so jealous of your vanity setup! I need this in my house too.

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