Remix Post: Red Jeans

Hi guys...I'm back!! 
Mexico was so much fun! I can't wait to share a little Mexico recap of everything I did. 
Today, I have a remix post for you guys. 

These red jeans are one of my favorites. I love to wear them around the holidays because they are so bright but I had a little oops and shrunk them recently so I'm not sure if they will make an appearance this holiday season coming up. lol For now, here's 3 different ways on how to rock them. 

Look 1 (left) - This look was during my second month of blogging in my "Over-sized Houndstooth" post. I created a simple meets chic look with a cardigan and some strappy heels. This is one of my favorite looks because I love mixing red with black and white prints. 

Look 2 (middle) - This look was a winter look in my "Lady in Red" post. A white button down, red jeans and booties is a great ensemble when trying to pull off a casual winter/fall look. I paired it with my plaid jacket for a nice inclusion of print to the entire look. 

Look 3 (right) - "50 Shades of Red". This is another one of my favorites. I created the illusion of a one piece red suit with these two separates. I loved the outcome! I paired it with black and white accents to dial down the fiery red one piece I created. 

Which look is your favorite? Comment below. 

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Have a great day loves!

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