What's in my Everyday Makeup Bag?

Today is Beauty Tuesday!
I wanted to share with you guys some basic beauty products I carry in my make up bag during the week. I usually wear very neutral makeup look for work (nothing glam) so I just carry a few basic essentials.

Make up bag from Lou Lou Boutiques


These are probably the two items I can't live without. My skin type is oily (which I hate) so these two products are like my life savers. By the time noon hits, you can probably cook some bacon on my face. lol Ok, I'm exaggerating but my face does get greasy. I use the oil absorbing wipes to get all that excess oil off my face. I like these Clean & Clear sheets because they don't smudge your make up. They just go in and collect the dirt. You can even see all the oil on the actual sheet, which is a little gross. At least you got proof that it got the job done. 
I, also, use the shine control powder. I've been looking for a great translucent powder and I really like this one by Neutrogena. After I use the oil absorbing sheet, I like to dab some powder with a small stipple brush right on my T-zone, which is my greasiest area. I like to dab some of the powder right before I apply my foundation and I noticed it helps fight the oil that my face produces longer. 

These two lipsticks are my usual go to ones during the week. The Miliani is a nude color, which is perfect for a light make up day time look. If I'm not wearing a nude shade, I would wear a subtle red. I usually gravitate to the NYX butter lipstick. This shade is not too bright; it's really just the perfect red for an office setting. I also have some days during the week where I don't want to wear any lipstick (shocking!) lol Yes I am a lipstick lover but some days call for a no lipstick day so I usually wear this light tint super moisturizing lip balm. 

I received this hydrating mist in my Birchbox about two months ago and I've been loving it. I like to keep it in my everyday bag because sometimes your face just needs a little spritz in the middle of the day. It refreshes and rehydrates your skin and it's good for all skin types. One thing I love about monthly beauty subscriptions is that sometimes I learn about new products I didn't even know about. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post.
What's in your everyday makeup bag? Comment below. 

Hope you guys have a great week!