Beauty post - Lipstick Heaven

Happy Monday guys!
It's been a while since I've done a beauty post and I wanted to talk to you about a few good products I've recently bought. I haven't tried some out, so I wanted to wait to see how I liked them and then share my results. I decided to share this beauty post about my current favorite lipsticks I've bought, since we all know I'm such a lipstick hoarder. lol. 

Lipstick heaven! Here's a little mix of colors from your everyday drug stores. 

NYX - Butter Lipstick
#BLS05 Hunk Beau Gosse
#BLS08 Mary Janes

I always wanted to try the the butter lipsticks from NYX. For some reason I always end up getting their matte ones. This time I went for their butter ones, and they are exactly that; smooth as butter! They feel so moist and have a really rich texture. The Hunk Beau Goose has a very light berry color. It's the perfect light shade for the Fall. The Mary Janes give off more of a maroon color, which I love as well for the Fall. These were purchased at Ulta for $5.99.

Rimmel London - #560 As You Want Victoria
NYC - #405 Blue Rose

I purchased these two in my local CVS. The Rimmel was so confusing for me because when I purchased it in the store it had a reddish tone. However, when I brought it home it looked like a pink tone to me lol. I even asked my sister what shade is this to her and she felt the same way as me. It gave off both red and pink tones at the same time lol. Nonetheless, I still love the richness of it and the pigment and the pretty packaging. 
The NYC one was recommended by a close friend. I loved it on her and she told me it was by NYC and it was only $2. I've used NYC before so I knew I was going to love it. It's such a barbie type of pink, which I love. 

Elf Lip Stain - #22123 Berry Blush
Sona Kashuk - #93 Classic Red
Wet n Wild - #918D Cherry Bomb

I was eyeing the Elf lip stain for a while and decided to finally try it. I'm a little on the fence about it after I tried it. The tip looks and feels like a marker and that's a little weird for me. Not so sure if I'll ever buy more shades of these again. 
I've never tried a Sonia Kashuk lipstick before, and this one was gifted to me. I love the texture and I love that it smells a little like cake. I definitely want to buy more shades of this brand. 
This Wet n Wild was my most recent purchase and it's the perfect shade for the Fall. Burgundy is one of my favorite Fall colors. Wet n Wild is such a good collection because of it's great textures and unbeatable price. 

Here's a swatch of each color. Which one is your favorite?

Hope you guys enjoyed this lippie post! I'll be doing another beauty post soon. 
Have a great day loves!