Prints with Style

So excited for the weekend. It's going to be a nice one weather wise over here in Jersey.

Printed pants are such a staple in my Kloset. They are simple and yet always find a way to stand out. They can be dressed up or allow you to keep your outfit more towards the casual side. I got these print pants at Mandee for under $20. I feel in love with the print! They are high waisted so they even work well with a crop top. This time I paired them with this loose fitting tank. It matched perfectly with the pants. I love looks like these where they are trouble-free yet chic. Printed pants and printed shorts are great for the summer. I would highly recommend getting a few and trying that style out.

To finish the look, I went with a bold gold necklace. I love the chains on chains look from this one. To play up the color of the pants, I wore my coral pumps. These are a favorite from out my Kloset, as well, and I adore them so much. They are so feminine and the color speaks for itself. Lastly, I added a matching lippie to the shoes. Less is more, but if your pop of color is in the form of an accessory as oppose to a piece of your wardrobe this statement rings even truer.

Pants and top - Mandee
Shoes - (gifted) Vince Camuto via Nordstrom Rack
Necklace - Joyce Leslie
Lipstick - Rimmel / Kate Moss #12 Rossetto

Thanks for reading guys!

I went to an awesome event by Venteprivee in the city on Wednesday night and had a very cool photo shoot with my awesome blogger babes. I will be sharing more on the blog soon!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!


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