Armed and Readi Event Recap

Happy Sunday guys!
Hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day weekend. If you follow me on Instagram I posted up a picture last week of a fun event I attended. I didn't have a chance to post the recap of the event, since it's been a busy busy week. Nevertherless, I finally have a chance to share the event. 

(cute decor and amazing cocktail)

Wearing: Blazer and Jeans from H&M

(statement necklace I purchased)

(With the owners Brittany and Georgette)

If you guys have been following my blog, you know I contribute fashion articles for I was invited to this event on Joonbug's behalf and I'm so glad I got to cover it. The event was called #ReadiforSummer by Armed & Readi. If you haven't heard of A&R they are an online jewelry boutique with trendy statement necklaces and great accessories at great affordable prices. I got the pleasure of meeting the two founders behind the company, the beautiful Brittany Carinci and gorgeous Georgette Fryburg. They were just the sweetest girls ever; they told me the story behind their company and it was very motivational. They started off with a blog showcasing fashion and accessories but they decided to take their dream and make it a reality by starting an online boutique. Did I mention they are in their early twenties! That is very motivational, in my eyes. 

The event was so fun and they were showcasing their summer collection. I couldn't resist and purchased an awesome statement necklace, which I cannot wait to style. What was more amazing was that 15% of their proceeds for the night went to the Kind Campaign, which helps combat female bullying. How awesome is that!? I'm all about a good cause. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! 
If you want to check out their cute jewels you can check it out (here).

I attended my bachelorette party this weekend and had a blast. I will be post my outfit details this week on the blog. (#19moredays!!)

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