Happy Tuesday loves!
Hope everyone is having a good week and had a great weekend.
 I had a very busy weekend so I wasn't able to get much shoots in. The closer the wedding gets the more busier I get. (89 days!)  I was able to get this very simple look in; sometimes simple is all you need. 

The crazy thing about March is that one day it's 55 and the next day is 25 degrees. Foolish me, I thought my scarf days were over but with this bipolar weather I can't put them away yet. I wore my houndstooth print scarf to give the simple outfit a little pop of print. I always forget I have this scarf in the tornado of scarves I have hanging in my room. 
I wore a pair of semi dark denim jeans paired with a bright orange sweater. I love the material of this sweater because it's SUPER soft. I honestly feel like I'm wrapped up in a soft comforter. lol I didn't wear any heavy accessories because I wanted to keep the look clean and simple. 
To finish the look, I wore houndstooth print pumps. I was very excited to get these because its one of my favorite prints and I just needed them on shoes! I can't wait to style them again. 

 Sweater - Debshops
Jeans - Wet seal
Scarf - Loveculture
Coat - H&M
Shoes - street boutique -(similar here )

Thanks for reading. Hope you guys have a great week!


Patty's Kloset