Valentine's Day Lip wear

I have another Valentine's Day post for you guys this week as Valentine's Day approaches. I wanted to do a different post with this one as I teamed up with blogger babe Sarah Vega to bring you our current favorite lippies that would work for your Valentine's day outfit.

My Favorite 5

Sarah's Favorite 5

The sultry Red's 

Fergie/Wet  n Wild: Saraghina
I bought this one recently in Walgreen's for only $3.00. I wanted to give it a try and I'm so glad I did! It has a very matte feel but still brings that glossy effect. It's such a great lipstick and especially for the price.

NYX: Chaos
This one is very bright. It's the one I wear when I'm feeling like a bright lippie day. Its a great accessory to any outfit. 

This one is one of Sarah's favorite reds. 
I love the way it looks applied; smooth and moist and it REALLY stands out. Check out where this beautie's lipstick is from and her other 4 picks on her blog Isn't she just a hottie? :)

The Girly Pinks 

Fergie/ Wet n Wild: Penthouse Sweet
I loved the red "Wet n Wild" so much I went back for the pink one at Walgreens. I love the bright bold girly color. It definitely compliments well with pink blush. 

Whisper: /Oh La Lilac 
This one feels very light and I sometimes forget I have it on. lol It has a very transparent look. It's perfect if you're looking for some color with your V-day outfit but don't want to wear too much on your lips. 

Revlon: Fuchsia Fusion
This one is my favorite favorite one. Every time I wear it I get asked "what lipstick is that" a lot. It's very hard to find because I haven't seen it anywhere after I bought it. So I'm going to hold on to this one as much as I can.

I hope you guys enjoyed this different fun post. I'm in no way a beauty guru but I am a lipstick hoarder and wanted to show you my top 5 V-day lipstick picks along with some of Sarah's favorites. One thing we share in common is that we love lipsticks! 
Thanks again Sarah, because this was fun! Check out her blog (here) for her style diaries.