Blogger's Holiday Soiree Recap

Hi Loves!

I wanted to recap and share with you the Blogger's Holiday Soiree I went to this past week. Plus I want to share with you some exciting news at the end of this post. :)

First off, I was so excited to attend, so thank you to Lillie Morales-Torres for putting the event together. It was my first social event to meet other bloggers face to face, network and mingle as an actual blogger. It took place in Hoboken, NJ and the turn out was amazing for it being a Thursday night and around the holiday madness. There were some bloggers and motivational speakers talking about their journey, about how they became bloggers, and they shared some awesome advice on how to blog, connect with brands and network. I thought it was pretty amazing because as a beginning blogger I do have the fire and passion for fashion and starting out can be a very slow process but everything happens at it's time. You can't rush it and you have to let things happen naturally. If not, it will never work. That was one of the many words of wisdom I took home with me that night. I left the Soiree feeling motivated and inspired. I had so many ideas swimming  in my head on my drive home, from goals to things I want to do with my blog because of my passion for fashion. 

Here are some of the pictures from the night, with some of the bloggers and guest speakers.

These were the bloggers and guest speakers. 

It was such an amazing night. I got to me a lot of humbling and inspiring people, I wouldn't have changed anything. 

I wish I could've taken a more detailed picture of my outfit but there so many people it was even hard to move around. lol. The picture above was as detailed as I could get.
I wore a black faux leather skater skirt with a plaid shirt. I accessorized the outfit with my bright green necklace from Charlotte Russe, which everyone loved! :)

Now for my exciting news! I recently got picked as a fashion contributor on Joonbug to write fashion articles every week. I'm super excited and grateful for the opportunity. Be sure to check out my articles every week under the blog/style & fashion section.  Here's a direct link to my first article from this week - Fashion Trends of 2013 . 

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and thank you so much for all of the support with my blog!