White Meets Cheetah

Hi everyone! This is my first post and I'm very excited to share my outfit details. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and I hope you find something you like in Patty's Kloset!

So, for my first look, I decided to pair a white blazer with some burgundy jeans. The jeans are from H&M. I love burgundy for the Fall whether it's in jeans or sweaters. I feel like it matches with the colors of the trees around this time of year. :)

I paired this look with cheetah booties (which are super comfy) that I got from Charlotte Russe and a cheetah scarf from Forever 21, which happens to be one of my favorite stores that I can't get enough of. I love the way the burgundy combines well with cheetah print. I love me some cheetah print; I feel like cheetah is the new black because it matches with everything. 

This white blazer is from XOXO, which I bought from Macy's clearance rack for $30. I feel like sometimes people are afraid of shopping for brand name clothing at Macy's, and other big name retailers, especially if you're on a budget. But, if you have the patience and are willing to look through their sales racks you can leave with really good stuff without breaking the bank. This blazer was made for the cooler weather, and it's not like your spring blazers. It has a quilted material inside to keep you warm and I love the ruffle detail on the back. It gives it a more edgy look.

The accessories I used for this look were a black clutch with a gold trim and gold bracelets, gold earrings and a gold knuckle ring from H&M. All the accessories were on a 50% off red tag sale at each store. One of my first tips for you; there's never anything wrong with taking advantage of a sale :). 

I would definitely wear this Fall outfit for a hot date or a night out on the town with my girls. 
I hope you guys enjoyed my first post and that it inspired you in any way. Please feel free to let me know of any outfit suggestions you would like to see, and any questions you'd like me to answer, in the comment box below or on my Instagram (@pattys_kloset).
Thank you xoxoxo :)