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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Where To Buy The Best Loungewear


Loungewear, loungewear, loungewear!

I feel like loungewear is the number one bought and talked about about item right now. Since everyone has adapted to working form home all 2020, loungewear was the thing to wear. Even though working from home is not new to me because I have been working on Patty's Kloset full-time for many years now, I still have fallen into over buying of loungewear lol. Pre Pandemic I still wore loungewear-ish clothes to work from home but because I had the option to work remotely from the mall or cafe I use to wear jeans/ "regular" clothes more times than loungewear. I even had events or press releases to attend but since all that has changed I have up'd my loungewear game. Below I'm sharing with you guys some loungewear picks that are cute options to be at home in without looking or feeling frumpy!


Where To Buy The Best Loungewear

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