The Sweater Vest Trend


I'm loving the sweater vest trend but I have to be honest to me a while to get on board. At first it wasn't my favorite trend of them all because it really reminded me of Chandler Bing from Friends. Once I saw it being styled in so many ways I opened up to it. It's still not a piece I would own 5 pieces of, so just 1 will do for me. I'm wearing this v-neck houndsooth print vest from SHEIN and what probably made me love it so much was the print. I paired it with a classic white button down top and a pair of faux leather pants. I love how chic this look came out and how the print stands out. Are you guys into the sweater vest trend?

Use code 9kloset for 15% at Shein!

Photos by: Armandhugon

Vest: Shein (here) | Pants: Femme Luxe | Top: Target