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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Tips On How To Work From Home

Tips On How To Work From Home

It's safe to say that many people are trying to figure out the work from home thing right now. We are living some trying times with everything going on in the world. It feels like our "normal" has been turned upside down with the pandemic of COVID-19 and we don't know for how long we can return to our normal. I was struggling back and fourth on how to keep this platform going through these times. My brand is my form of income and I also want to share things to get our minds away from the real world even if it just for a few minutes. 

Since many of us are working from home I wanted to share some tips that's helped me work from home. Since I took Patty's Kloset officially full-time 4 years work I work from home 80% of the time. Here's some tips that can help you have a productive work from home day. 

Tips On How To Work From Home

Morning Routine
The same way you would have a morning routine as if you were going into an office do the same at home. Wake up early, shower, get dressed, put yourself together. The mind is a powerful thing and if you are wearing your night time clothes in which you sleep and relax, your body will want to do that during the day. I'm not saying you should wear a full on outfit down to shoes but anything that gets you out of pjs and that you are comfortable in. Put on earrings, a little perfume, those little things make a huge difference in your mindset for the day. Also, don't forget that morning fuel like coffee, tea, and breakfast.

Create a work space
Designate one area that will be for you to work and have all your work things there. Since I do this full time I created a permanent work space and have a desk but even if you don't own a desk you can create a station or workspace on your dinning table, living room, or family room. Try not to work from the bed because your body and mind associates it with rest and your body will think it's time to rest instead of work. 

Structure a schedule
It's very easy to lose focus and even burn out so creating a schedule keeps you in check. Create attainable to-do lists, use your smart phone or Google calendar to remind you things during the day. 

Take breaks
I can't tell you how many times I've been so focused on my work and forget to eat lunch or take a stretch break. It's ok to stop and eat lunch away from your work area to give your mind a break and so it can re-charge. It's also ok to take a break of fresh air outside even if its just a 15 minute walk around the block.

Tips On How To Work From Home

I hope these tips help you guys out during these work from home days. I know a lot of us have kids at home as well (including me) and it's twice as hard to work from home especially when they need a schedule of their own. Just know we are all doing our best during these times.

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