Tutu Turns One

Wow, and just like that I'm a mom to a one year old! The saying that your kids grow up so fast is so true. I felt like it was just yesterday when I shared the news with you guys about being pregnant. Where all my fears of what kind of a mom I was going to be was a constant worry for me. This mom journey has been full of ups and downs and has made me realize the things I'm capable of. This little girl makes me want to be better everyday and all just for her. I've struggled with mom shamming, postpartum body issues, balancing life with being a mom, questioning my every decision for her but I wouldn't change a thing in this journey because it's all part of the whole being a mom thing. 

I loved seeing her personality develop and watching her grow in this first year. She's such a social butterfly (get's that from her dad) because she LOVES to talk to everyone. She enjoys the sound of music, likes to do things herself without help, loves to dance, says both momma and daddy. Yeah guys she now says momma! She's been saying daddy since she was 7months old but I finally got the momma I was waiting for. 

We didn't do an overly fancy first birthday party because I was more concerned with making memories than trying to do an overly crazy first birthday party she probably wont even remember. We celebrated in a park (perks of a summer baby) with friends and family. The theme was unicorns hence why her birthday shoot she's was a real life mini unicorn. Haha! I'm very big on pictures and I hope one day she looks back at all these photos I'm saving for her and know that we celebrate her everyday. Happy birthday little Tutu, we love 3000!

Outfit Details:

Tutu's Outfit: Amazon (here) | Mom Tee: (here) | Dad Tee: (here)

Thanks for reading and thanks for all the birthday wishes to my sweet little Tutu!