Exploring The Beautiful City Of Amsterdam

Today I'm recapping one of my favorite cities from my trip... Amsterdam! I fell in love with this city, the people, the food, the culture and just overall beautiful streets. After London we took a ferry and crossed boarders where we then took a bus to Amsterdam. We passed Belgium which was nice to see and we also learned you need to pay to use the bathroom in every rest stop. It was only like .50, .60 cents but still it was just real funny to me. 
We arrived in Amsterdam at night and just hung out by the bar and got to mingle and know the people from our tour more. We met so many amazing people. Big shout out to the Cosmo family! I got to taste some local beer, which was pretty good. I'm generally not a beer person but whenever I travel I love to taste local beer. The next day we were up early to explore the city. We took a canal cruise along the canals and we learned so much from the tour guide. It's so interesting to see how people live along the canals and some people even live on boats on the canals that was pretty crazy. We passed by the Heineken Brewery which if you don't know it's produced in the Netherlands. It's my grandpa's favorite beer so we definitely had to send him a picture. 
The afternoon was pretty awesome; we went on diamond factory tour and saw some mouth dropping jewels up close. There was one ring I will never forget because it was 157ct! I don't think Kim Kardashian has that make carats on her ring. Lol. We also went to a Banksy museum and saw some amazing art work. In terms of food I finally got to taste some Dutch pancakes and stroopwafles. I did some research on their food and these two were a must try for me. I mean a waffle sandwich with caramel in the middle speaks for itself. The one thing we didn't get to do while their was go to the Ann Frank Museum. Tickets sold out even before the trip!

 I had read in my research that Amsterdam was the "city of bikes". Boy was that true, there were bikes literally everywhere. We learned that 90% of Amsterdam people ride their bikes to go everywhere. The streets are too narrow for cars and parking is super expensive. The tour guide told us about 20 cars a year end up in the canal. Lol. If you don't lock the brakes when you park, well you might find your car rolling down the canal.

At night we went on a tour to see the famous Red Light District. (no I did not try any space cakes lol). I was so amazed how the RLD was so normal and apart of their living. How selling marijuana in coffee shops and see sex workers tap on the window as you walk by is a normal thing. I was really overwhelmed but glad I got to experience that crazy nightlife of Amsterdam. 

Here are some pics!

Local beer

Dutch pancakes



Amsterdam is a place I would recommend if your looking to travel to Europe, you'll fall in love with it like I did. 

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