Preparing for My Bold Moments

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Happy Monday guys!
Time to jumpstart a new week and kick it in the butt!

What are your mornings like? Today, I am sharing my bold moments with LISTERINE and taking you firsthand into my morning routine. Oral hygiene has always been so important, and even more so as I've gotten older. When I was kid, my mom instilled in me the importance of taking care of your teeth and gums. I guess that's why I never had to use braces and always got that coveted good feedback every time I went to the dentist. Thanks mom! 

Mouthwash is a part of my morning routine, as it helps take care of my pearly whites. I purchased this LISTERINE Antiseptic Cool Mint mouthwash at my local CVS. It was located right smack in the middle of the hygiene aisle. Don't forget to use those Extrabucks rewards; those little coupons make a difference as they let you save some hard earned cash. Who says taking care of yourself has to be expensive!?
 LISTERINE is the #1 recommended mouthwash brand and it kills 99.9% of bad breath germs. Did you know that if you only brush and don't use mouthwash, you miss 75% of the germs in your mouth?! (eek) 

Aside from blogging, I work full time for a tax corporation. Due to this, I always try to make sure I'm ready for any bold moment the day might throw at me. Whether it's an impromptu meeting I have to participate in or if i'm fortunate enough to attend a fashion week event at the last minute, I need to be ready at all times!

Here's how I prepare for my bold moments:
First, I start my mornings with brushing my teeth. Afterwards, that is followed by a very hot shower. Sometimes I beat the system by taking out my clothes the night before. After I'm dressed, it's time for a quick makeup and hair session. Since my husband walks Brotis in the mornings, I'm in charge of making sure his food and water are out. So after I am done with my hair and makeup, I prepare Brotis's breakfast and watch him make the cutest faces at me. To my pet owners, i'd say even taking care of your furry friend is a #boldmoment, huh? 
Lastly, I  prepare breakfast and lunch for me and my husband, and he always makes sure to point out how much he appreciates me for that. :)

As soon as I'm done with all that morning madness in the kitchen, I hop into the bathroom and I use my LISTERINE mouthwash to clean and freshen my mouth right before I'm flying out the door to conquer the day. 

(Brotis is with me in the bathroom everyday!)

How do you prepare for your bold moments?

Learn more about #MyBoldMoments. Trust me, after seeing how much it helps me I'm sure you'll want to add LISTERINE Antispectic to your morning routine.