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Today's post I'm going to have to say it's one of my favorites ever! I teamed up with Union28 Marriage Apparel and getting a little personal. I'm sharing with you guys why "My Husband Rocks" and my special guest on today's post (my husband) is sharing why I rock. All I'm going to say is that he better say good things about me. Haha! JK. Union28 not only sells awesome tees but they also encourage marriage relationships. They have marriage tip Mondays on their Instagram with amazing words of advice which is pretty awesome. I love people who spread positivity and love.
Hope you make it to the end of the post for a GIVEAWAY! You can win a tee for you and your spouse.

My Husband Rocks

We been married for a year and six months and I feel like I've learn so much in small amount of time. Being married is not an easy journey and those that have or are married know what I mean. Marriage has another level of selfless love and commitment. You're going to make a lot of mistakes and the hope is that you have a partner that will be there for you. Behind every great husband, is an encouraging wife and viceversa. My husband is my my number one supporter. I'm always the one who gets frustrated easily or ready to give up on something quick but I always have him there to remind to take a step back, breath and don't give up on whatever is at hand. He's rocks because he's my cheerleader. If I told him today I wanted to quit my job and become an astronaut, I can bet I'll have NASA books at home by the end of day. LOL It's a funny example but I'm pretty sure that's how that conversation would go. My husband rocks because he's a good leader. He always figures out a way out of a situation and I love that. In times of panic I get frantic and I love how he takes control and solves the problem. My husband rocks because he's passionate and loving. He's constantly complementing me and shows lots of affection. My husband rocks because he's a bug killer. Seriously anything that crawls flies and has legs I'm afraid of and he kills them for me. This may sound silly but that's a big deal for me. My husband rocks because he makes me laugh. I think we spend 85% of the day making jokes and making each other laugh and I think that's needed for a healthy marriage. My husband rocks because he gives great advice. If I'm ever in a slump he always knows the right words of encouragement to say. 

I can probably go on and on and tell you why he rocks but I can definitely say he's an amazing partner with amazing qualities and fits the description to "My Husband Rocks" tee. We base our foundation on love, trust, honesty, patience and that works for us.

My Wife Rocks

Why does my wife rock? Is this a trick question? I can probably rattle off a bunch of cliches that wouldn't exist if they weren't in some way true. I can tell you that my wife rocks because she holds me down and supports my dreams, and that she let's me bask in my own successes because my success is hers too. I can tell you that my wife rocks because she trusts that I'll take care of stuff. She believes I'll take care of it. Sometimes ladies, you really have to let your husband know that he's doing an alright job. We may pretend to be all strong and stuff, but we have moments of insecurities too. My wife rocks because she lets me know that those moments are okay too. My wife rocks because when i was in the hospital during one thanksgiving she stayed with me at the hospital, went to work in the morning, drove 30 miles during her lunch break, returned to work, and then returned to the hospital after. My wife rocks because at 10:06 PM I could be craving a snack (and I assure you that's not sexual innuendo unless you're into that kind of stuff) of cheese and crackers and she'll be making it for me in no time. Too often we fret over the things we deem big; maybe it's that promotion you didn't get that's got you down, or an argument with a friend. I would urge you to trust in the process and realize that if at the very end of this journey you get to exactly where you want to be, there isn't anything you would change. That's why my wife rocks. Those moments that make up the minutes of every hour are better because I'm with her. The rough patches, the questionable decisions, the smiles, the laughs, and everything brought together is really brought together because she brings it together. Like what I ask the bartender to serve my whiskey on, "My Wife Rocks." #love 

Now it's giveaway time!
Union28 Marriage Apparel is giving you the chance to choose a Husband and wife tee set for you and your spouse. Follow the instructions on the rafflecoppter below to enter to win. Good luck!!

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I hope you guys enjoyed this fun post as much as I did. 
Thanks for reading!!


  1. This is super cute, and even tho my boo and I are not legally married, after 7 years it is a marriage. Wish me luck and I hope I get to score these cool shirts.

    The two of you look super adorable and may God continue to bless you both mama.

    Berty Morales
    Mad For Fashion For Less!

  2. Sooo cute patty☺️ My husband rocks because he is always encouraging me to be better! He is an amazing father and always makes us laugh❤️

  3. This post was super sweet and encouraging to read. I'm a huge advocate for marriage especially young couples. Marriage is all about compromise, forgiving and two people deciding to love each other every day. Hope I win! 😬

  4. This is great! I love how real you are about marriage being a commitment to balance one another through life. It takes work and a daily decision to trust and forgive. My husband rocks because he loves my cooking (even when it isnt the greatest) and tells me I'm beautiful with morningbreath and bed head😊.