Saturday Flare

It's Saturday!! Cheers to the weekend!
I rarely post on Saturdays but I wanted to sneak this one in and share another fine bargain of mine.

I really love a bargain guys. I went into Joyce Leslie about a week ago and came across this gorgeous gray and black cape. I've been looking for something similar to this style for a while now when I saw it, I felt like I was in heaven. I love the flare on the sleeves and the faux leather detail trim all around,  I, also, adore the belt. It was currently on sale for $20! I had to look at the price twice because I really thought it was a mistake. lol. I wanted to keep the look sweet and simple with a plain black long sleeve shirt and ripped jeans. I think these jeans are starting to get glued to me. I can't help it but they are so comfy and I'm a big fan of distressed denim.
I was undecided on what footwear to pair this outfit with until I remembered about these real bright magenta fringe booties. The fringe makes them so playful and girly. They definitely spiced up the outfit a bit.
I'm covering a fashion show next week and I'm really thinking of wearing this cape; it's just so fab and stylish for any occasion.

Cape - Joyce Leslie
Booties - Amiclubwear
Jeans (old) - similar (here)

Hope you guys enjoy your weekend and that you're safe!

Patty's Kloset