Monday Blues

Happy Monday guys! 
Hope everyone had a great weekend! I'm glad the cold front has left us and we get a  little break around the 50's. I wanted to really hibernate when it hit below zero degrees last week. lol  I took these pictures over the weekend without having to freeze. 

I'm a HUGE fan of embellished tops. I feel that it brings a plain shirt to life. This shirt has such a 80's vibe and it almost reminds me of something my grandmother probably wore back in her days. I really wish it was long sleeve but I knew I could make it work. I wore a black long sleeve shirt underneath to give it the long sleeve effect, so the shirt can be worn in whatever weather. Originally I was going to wear blue jeans with this top but I felt wearing black pants would make the blue embellishment stand out on it's own. The black tights I have on are from Love Culture and they are very comfy. They have a nice elastic on the top for a good grip. Some tights aren't dressy, in my opinion, because they lack small details like the elastic band on these.  It's also made out of cotton, whereas your typical tights are made of spandex. The cotton material gives these pants a little more chic vibe 
 I added very minimal accessories since the top stole the show. lol. I wore a blue tote that matched perfectly. To finish this look, I wore some black cut out  pumps.
You might be seeing this top again soon on the blog. I really am in love with it and I would like to try it with other pieces. Fashion Tip: It's all about re-using pieces. :)

Top - Forever21
Tights- Love Culture
Purse and shoes - Mandee

Hope you guys enjoyed today's "Monday Blues". Enjoy the rest of your day. 


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