A Dash of Red

Hi everyone! Hope everyone is having a great Monday night.

For tonight's look, I was going for something effortless and comfortable. I added red to give it a little pop of color. I'm wearing a gray sweater from Forever 21; it is is very warm, comfy, and cozy.

The red wedges are, also, from Forever 21. They may seem high but they really feel comfortable. I almost feel like I can run in them LOL. I paired it with a red clutch, which I purchased at Forever 21 as well. They have a ankle strap, which I love, and they can be worn in the spring with skirts or shorts and make a perfect outfit. 

I added a belt to go over the gray cardigan to give it a more fitted look. I got the belt from Forever 21 as well. A fashion tip for you guys: one of the things I love about cardigans is that you can play with them in different ways, by either leaving it loose or putting a belt over it. These additions can give it a few different looks. 

To finish off the look I added a thick layered scarf with black and white print that I purchased at H&M for $12. This is actually one of my favorite scarves. I really like scarves that are very layered and bulky looking because it gives a finishing touch to an effortless look. To match the look, I did my hair in a straightforward messy bun and added red lipstick with a pair of aviator shades. 
Hope you guys enjoyed this Fall look with a dash of red.