Hi everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful Veteran's Day. To start off, I'd just like to offer my sincerest thanks to all the brave men and women who have served this country. Your sacrifice is truly appreciated. Now, let's get into today's look, shall we?

I really enjoyed today's look. I called the post Bejeweled because of these gorgeous shoes I snagged  from Shoedazzle. They were on sale for 20 bucks. The shoes have beautiful and colorful gems on the front, which give the shoes a more cool and colorful look.

I paired these shoes with some light blue jeans and a cute pink cut out sweater. I went with light colors because it would be easier to bring out the colorful gems on the shoes. I found this shirt in the mall in a local store for 10 bucks, but you can find it in numerous stores. I really like the cut out on the shoulders because I feel like it gives the look a sexier look without showing too much.

I added a very colorful scarf from H&M that meshes in well with the color scheme of the outfit. There's so many ways to wear a scarf but I decided to just let it hang loosely to give it a chic look.

To begin to complete the look, I used a dark purple bag that I got form Aldos on sale for 30$. I really love their bags; they are very stylish and girly and they have gorgeous selections that will last you a really long time. Sometimes they can be a little pricey, but here's my second tip for you: it's ok to spend the money on a pricey item if it's going to last you a long time or if it's something you can get lots of use out of. 

To complete today's look I wanted something that complimented the colors I used. I chose this gorgeous necklace I received as a gift. It's my favorite flower (an Orchid) in my favorite color (pink). It's made from a REAL flower! Isn't that so awesome? The company that made this necklace uses a unique process to preserve the flower and then turn it into a gem. I will post their information below if you guys want to check it out. They,  also, make pins and earrings. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this colorful and playful outfit and hope it inspired you in any way. :)

Everlasting Orchids
(Jewelry made from real Flowers & Butterflies)