4 Steps to Help you Stick to your Resolutions/Goals

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Happy Tuesday loves. 
I wanted to bring more lifestyle post to the blog this year. I wanted to share a lot more different things than a lot of OOTD so you will be seeing a bit more DIY projects, home decor, weekend strolls around DC, a possibility of starting a DIY Youtube channel and more personal post. I feel that lots of aspects of my life is growing and changing and I want to share the journey with you guys.

  Yesterday I was working on my vision board and decided to share some tips and ideas that help me keep up with my goals. I'm no life coach but I can share what works for me and some awesome awesome tips I pick up from reading articles and inspirational books. 

With the start of the new year we all have goals we want to attain. Weather it's old ones we couldn't achieve last year or just new ones because you want to put yourself up to a challenge. Here's some helpful tips that help me and hopefully can help you to. 

Step 1: Brainstorm

Think about what's important to you. There's many aspects in our lives where we want to be successful or achieve something. Love, traveling, work, finances, family. Take this time to think about what you want to improve and work on. Try to find goals that are not very broad. Be specific, maybe instead of saying to yourself I want to be a better friend say I'm going to schedule two girlfriend dates once a month to spend more time with my friends. Specifics work much better than broad categories. 

Step 2: Write it down

Write down your goals on paper. I'm a avid journal and planner hoarder because I love to write everything down. There's something about writing down your goals and actually seeing them written down that makes you feel like your doing something. My best friend calls me old school because I write things down in a journal instead of my iPhone notes but that can be another alternative if your not a journal lover like me. Just make sure to write down what you brainstormed so you can see it. It can serve as reminders throughout the year. Another idea is a vision board, which is what I was working on last night. I particularly love doing this because you're seeing all your goals in one big picture. It's a great visual tactic. 

Step 3: Break it down 

Break down your goals into long term and short term. Make steps on how you want to get there. If your goal is to lose weight don't just tell yourself I want to lose 20 pounds. Write down a gym schedule and stick to it and you will make it to your goal weight. Take this time to decided how much time you need to get to your goal. Some may take longer than others. 

Step 4: Talk about it

Share with someone close to you some of your goals, it can be your spouse or your bestie. You're less inclined to back out of something once you told someone about it. They can also give you the support you need to achieve your goal. Also, I'm huge on speaking things into existence! Say it out loud let the universe hear what you want to accomplish. The universe has a funny way of making things work out so tell it what you want. 

"Do something today that your future self will thank you for"

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and achieve your goals!


  1. Nice post! Would have loved to see your vision board. Good luck on transitioning to a lifestyle blog!

    1. Thanks Alicia! I was actually thinking of creating a seprate post on a vision board.