On My Lips

It's Beauty Monday!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

SO sorry that I was a little slow on posting last week on the blog but it's really been a crazy past couple of days. Between looking for a new apartment and finishing up my holiday shopping, it's been a lot in such a short span of time.
I've never been the one to leave holiday shopping for the last minute but this year, somehow, I did. (insert crying emoji) Lol.

It's a new week and I'm kicking it off with a little beauty talk. More specific, lipsticks! I've really become a lipstick hoarder so I wanted to share with you guys my current favorite lippies.

I received this one from one of my Birchbox monthly subscriptions. Ladies, I really recommend signing up for Birchbox; i've found so many great brands that I had never really encountered before, and Model Co was one of them. I was intrigued by the brand and wanted to try it. It's a very nude meets pink kind of color. Although it says matte, I found it to be very moisturizing throughout the day. 

This is my second favorite red in my little red collection that I have. For a $3 lipstick, it is seriously great. It's moist, lasts long and the color is super pigmented. This one you can find in your local drug store, and it's well worth the price. 

I was looking for these glazed babies for a while and I stumbled across them in my nearby Harmon's location. I was excited to try these because they are the bargain version to the Two Faced melted lipsticks. I really didn't wan't to spend $22 on a small tube. For $3-5, the Glazed L.A Girl ones are a great buy for less than half the price of the Too Faced one. It has a long lasting wear and gives your lips a very high shine finish.

This one is an oldie but a goodie. I've talked about this one in an old beauty post but it's still one of my favorite pinks. I came across this one when I was shopping on Amazon and was short by about $5 for free shipping on my order so I decided to add a lipstick and found this one. Lol. It's the perfect girly pink. 

This is my number one red lipstick ever! It's such a fiery red. Whenever I wear this, I get the most lipstick compliments! Even when I go to the post office, the clerk always asks me what lipstick am I wearing lol. When I say it's Wet n Wild she almost doesn't believe that a $3 lipstick can look that good.

This one I purchased together with the PinUp one. Of course, I had to buy two lol. #lipstickproblems
This one gives off that plum look, which I really love, with a high shine finish. 

Another Wet n Wild favorite, this one is used if you want more of a vampy look finish. The minute Fall hits this baby is in my rotation. 

This is one of my recent buys... And by recent, I mean this past weekend lol. I recently had bought my first Milani lipstick about a month ago and I'm not sure why I never bought one before. These are so smooth and they smell so fruity. I found this soft pink at Walmart for $4.

I got this one together with the Plum Rose. It really has that vampy effect, just like the Wet n Wild, but it brings with it a little more shine. 

Last on the list is another Milani; this one is my favorite out of the Milani bunch. It's a berry meets fuchsia  color. I love the high intensity finish it leaves on my lips.

Hope you guys enjoyed this beauty post and remember: on bad days there's always lipstick! 


  1. Milani lipsticks are my favorite!

    1. I can't believe I never bought one before lol, I love them too!