Birthday Photo Diary

If you follow me on Instagram or read yesterday's post you know that it was my birthday yesterday! I turned 29. Yikes! I must say that just hearing that age freaks me out because it's the last year of my 20's. Of course my husband put it in perspective and told me for a person that's 29 I have a lot accomplished and have a lot to be grateful for in my life. That indeed is true. I think that's how we have to view life because what ever position you are in life right now there's always someone who wishes they were in that stage of life that you're in. There's even those who aren't fortunate enough to celebrate birthdays with loved ones.

What more can we ask for but good health, great family and  love?

Since my birthday fell on on Monday this year I started celebrating this past Saturday. My husband put together a nice little gathering with our friends for some karaoke fun. Karaoke is not as intimidating as it sounds especially after a cocktail to two. Haha! We went to 5 Bar Karaoke in New York City. I really loved this place and recommend it to anyone looking to try out a karaoke place.

Skirt + necklace:Gojane || Top: Charlotte Russe || Shoes: Forever21

Make up details:
eyes: Maybelline's The Nudes Pallet 
Wing: Wet n Wild liquid liner
Foundation: Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse (caramel#2)
Lips: Wet n Wild #910D Red Velvet

Me and my husband

thank you to my grandma for make my fab shoe box/shoe cake!


Yesterday on my actual b-day me and the hubs took off from work to enjoy the day and to, also, do some apartment hunting. We are in the process of finding a new place and I'm really excited for that. We went to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch and fell into a food coma. lol I really I thought we were going to need a stretcher to get us up and out of the restaurant!

During the night , we went to have dinner at Noches de Colombia. We met up with my mom and little sister for a little night time celebration. The food was super delicious!

I truly want to say thank you to everyone that wished me a happy birthday, my awesome friends and incredible family for celebrating with me and my husband for making sure this was an awesome birthday. 

Something that my Brody said will stick with me for many birthdays going forward: good people attract good people, so the quality of people around me makes me feel like i'm doing a good job at that :)

Thanks for all the love!