Off The Shoulder Knitted Loungwear


Loungewear has had a big space in my closet since 2020 and even though is starting to get warmer I had to get this off the shoulder knitted loungewear set from Femme Luxe. I'm so obsessed with the color, the fit, and the style. I feel like this is such a unique co ords loungewear set and I had to have it. I never been a huge fan of blue but for some reason this blue was so pretty to me and looks great for the season. Femme Luxe's loungewear collection is always full of goodies with many great loungewear sets and co ords sets like the off the shoulder one I'm wearing.

I dressed up the set with some accessories and my sunglasses as usual. Ii also added a pair of white sneakers to make it more appropriate for the season. What do you guys think of this off the shoulder knitted loungewear set in blue? I honestly wished it came in multiple colors to add to my collection.

Loungewear set: Femme Luxe (here)

Loungewear sets collection (here)

Co ords sets collection (here)


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