Getting Ready For The New Year


It feels like 5 years have passed in 2020 but at the same time it kind of flew by. As we near the end of this year I'm starting to prepare for the new year ahead. I'm taking all the lessons I learned this year and taking it with me to 2021. The week leading up to the new year I love to start prepping my mindset by getting all my new year stationary and getting my vision board ready. Is there anything you guys do to prep your goals for the new year? There's one big personal goal I want to achieve in 2021 and you better believe I'm going to manifest the heck out of it until I get it!

On another note, are you guys doing the dressed up thing for NYE or ringing in the new year in pjs/loungewear? I'm committed to doing the dress up thing even if it's just to sit in the living room. Today's look is an amazing dress bodycon midi from Femme Luxe. They have an amazing collection of midi dresses and this one was a must for me. I feel like it makes a great NYE outfit even if it's for the living room celebration. 

Photos by: Armandhugon

Bodycon Midi Dress: Femme Luxe (here)