Tutu For 2

The last time I did a Tutu update on here was back when she was 16 months old and today she's a whole 2 year old! 🥳 So much has changed since then and let's just say she is a true Leo. This girl has so much personality, big heart, funny, and kind. I love being her momma! It's true what they say, time flies and they grow up so fast. I feel like it was just yesterday when I was 35 weeks pregnant and couldn't take her kicking my rib anymore. Lol! 

This year I know we were very limited to what we could do to celebrate her birthday so we did the best we could. My mom and sisters drove down from NJ which was great. They all took a Covid test before coming and once they were in the clear they planned and came down to visit us. We were all excited to see some part of our family, man that hug felt different with my mom and sisters. Over the weekend we all went down to visit a farm with Tutu to see some animals which she loves. I have a highlight on my IG if you want to see her busting a move in the middle of the farm, LOL! I highly recommend a farm if you are looking for something fun to do with your toddler this summer. The farm we went to was spacious, required masks, and everyone social distanced. She enjoyed the animals and we all had safe fun. The best part is that Tutu enjoyed the entire weekend and had fun opening up all her gifts. This little girl is the light in our world and I'm happy seeing her grow up. I love you 3000 Tutu!! 💞

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