5 Skincare Products To Start The New Year

5 Skincare Products To Start The New Year, beauty bloggers, skincare solutions, dry skin, moisturizers, Cerave, Rodan and Fields, Murad, Rodial

It's the beginning of the new year and if skincare is your top priority this year then you are going to love this post. I'm sharing 5 skincare products I'm currently loving and they are just too damn good not to share. I always make skincare a priority because I always saw my mom take care of hers and she's aged very well. Heck people sometimes think she's my sister when we go out together. I always try to have a morning and night routine and these products I'm sharing with you guys today are on heavy rotation. I linked everything below plus a few extra favorites!

5 Skincare Products To Start The New Year, beauty bloggers, skincare solutions, dry skin, moisturizers, Cerave, Rodan and Fields, Murad, Rodial

I was introduced to this brand last year and received a ton of their products to try out. The moisturizing cream was my favorite because it really leaves my face super moisturized. After I had my daughter, Leah, my skin changed from super oily to dry. I never thought I would say my face is dry because all my life my skin was always oily. I use this moisturizer every single day after a shower and before my makeup. It's scent free and comes a very large tub. This thing will definitely last me a very long time. They also have baby products and I been using the healing ointment on Leah's bum after her showers. I linked this one below and also their micellar water because it's also a goodie!

If you saw this post on Instagram then you know I'm currently obsessing over facial sprays. One I recently tried was this one from Murad. I actually have been using their 3 part system in my nighttime routine including this mist and it smells so heavenly. It leaves my face super refreshed every time I use it and it's also great as a setting spray post makeup. It's a little on the high end side but their products are worth it.

I wasn't familiar with this brand until 2 years ago when I had the chance to try it. When I did more research they have a lot of high end skincare products. I tried a few and fell in love with the brand. I been using their collagen drops everyday for the past few months and I'm loving it. If you are not familiar with collagen it helps the elasticity on your skin. I don't know about you guys but I want to look forever young! I apply a few drops on my face before my makeup and even on my no makeup days I apply in the morning after I wash my face. The packaging is super cute and I'm a sucker for cute packaging. This one is also on the high end side. I also linked below their bubbly face mask which is under $10 that I also love!

One thing I want to work on more this year skincare wise are my under eyes!  I will be giving them lots of TLC this year because I feel I have the worst under eyes. I recently got introduced to this brand and so far I'm loving their products. I have been using two of their eye products including this bright eye complex (here). It's a hydrating gel cream and it helps with puffiness and dark circles. I'm the queen of dark circles especially after becoming a mom so this product is my best friend. I been using it in the mornings and night and it also works well with the new product below.

Another Rodan + Fields eye cream goodie is their multi-functional one (here). I apply a small amount under my eyes day and night as well and I already feel like I can see a difference. I always feel self-conscious without makeup and not because I don't like my bare skin but because of those annoying dark circles I have. Lately I have been noticing a difference and now I love being barefaced! I also love their makeup remover wipes. Check those out here

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Hope you guys enjoyed this post! I enjoy sharing new products and brands with you guys. If you've tried any of these let me know! Also leave me your current favorites in the comments below.