Countdown To 2018

Photos by: Armandhugon

I can't believe the time is here to say goodbye to 2017! I feel like this year has flown by in the blink of an eye. I have so many things to be grateful for this year and I've learned so much from myself, from others and from life. I'm super excited to enter a new year! I've never been one to do the whole resolutions thing but I do get excited at the start of a new year because it's like a new book you get to write in all over again. If you've read my end of year posts before then you know my husband and I have a fun tradition where we write a letter or a list of goals to ourselves of things we want to accomplish for the new year ahead. On the last day of the year, we open it and scratch off all the goals and things we wanted to do and accomplish for that year. We also take the time to write our goals for the next year seal it up and put it away until the end of the year. I love doing that because I don't treat it as a resolution if it's a goal I really want to accomplish I will do it!

For this New Year's Eve, I don't plan on doing much. I'm not a fan of parting for NYE and my husband and I don't like to go back home because the holidays are so back to back and that whole drive to NY can be exhausting with all the holiday traffic. This year I think we want to have a super low key NYE at home. I don't mind spending it cozy at home with my husband and pup!

What are your plans? Are you guys ringing in the New Year with a bang? I wanted to share this look for a little NYE inspiration if you were going out and painting the town red. I paired my favorite faux vest with a pair of festive red palazzo pants. I can't forget my accessories! I wore a pair of statement earrings from Happiness Boutique to complete my look. I love dangling earrings and these blue ball dangle ones were super stylish and caught my eye when I saw them. The cherry on top of my look! Don't forget to use code pattyskloset at checkout and get 10% off your purchase with Happiness Boutique!

I want to wish you guys a happy happy new year and wish you nothing but happiness and love for 2018! Thank you for always reading and commenting here. You guys are always appreciated.

See you next year!


  1. You looks so gorgeous. I also don't like party and prefer staying home with my cat.

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