An Oh-So-Chic Backpack

Happy Friday! I'm so excited for the long weekend. If anyone needs me I will be poolside all weekend long! Today's look is one of my favorites. This backpack makes me feel like a modern day Dora the Explorer! I am so in love with it because it can be worn as a handbag and a backpack. I will definitely be using it for all my travels.   

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 Outfit Details: Backpack: Rainbow (here) | Skirt: Pink Basis (here) | Top: Rainbow (here) | Shoes: Hush Puppies (here) | Sunglasses: Old Navy (here)

Backpacks are super trendy and to think I hated backpacks back when I was in school. I always use to opted for a side bag for my books because I truly hated wearing one. Nowadays with the backpack trend going on, I'm loving all these chic styles. It paired well with this off the shoulder top and denim skirt. I really love the details on this top and my oh so favorite, off the shoulder style. I definitely have to wear more sunblock on my shoulders if I'm going to continue wearing off the shoulder styles this summer. I'm starting to get crazy tan lines on my arms and it's driving me crazy! lol I'm going to try an even them out in the pool this weekend.

I want to share with you guys I'm going to be launching my Youtube channel super soon! I feel like it's been long overdue. I want to keep expanding the content on my blog and giving you guys different things and different parts of Patty's Kloset. I also want to expand more on my travel content so stay tuned for some new posts in that department as well. Thank you guys for always liking and commenting on here and I hope you keep coming back to my Kloset! 😃

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What are your Fourth of July plans? Like I said, I will be poolside all weekend long lol. Have a great weekend loves!


  1. I loved the top and the backpack Patty! perfect for the long weekend!

  2. Bella la blusa muy femenina con los encajes.... yo también cuando estaba en el colegio odiaba los backpaks y ahora los adoro...!!!!! porque son muy cómodos y nos permite tener las manos libres sobre todo en verano que es la época de los festivales :)

    1. Gracias Alicia! It's my favorite blouse too! xo

  3. I told you on instagram ... I LOOOOOVE this bag!!! so cute and it goes perfect with any outfit!

  4. If the bag can be compressed sleekness itself when being used to carry only a few items, this will be an added advantage