Sharing My 2017 Goals And 3 Tips On Staying Motivated

motivating tips, reaching your goals, 2017 goals, resolutions, how to keep a resolution

It's crazy how the first week of the New Year is almost coming to a close. The older I get the more I feel life goes by super fast. Before you know it, blink and half of 2017 is over. I never been big on "resolutions" I think we should have goals every day and every month weather big or small. I do
understand the whole "new" feeling of a New Year people get. It's a fresh start and a feeling of a new beginning.
I wanted to share some of my goals for the year both personal and work related as well as 3 tips to help you stay motivated with your goals. 

motivating tips, reaching your goals, 2017 goals, resolutions, how to keep a resolution

This year I have so many goals, ideas and things I want to conquer, on a personal level and work level. This year my husband and I said will be the year for us to seriously save money. Not just for a rainy day but for our dream home. We want to become homeowners in about 2 years, so we want to do everything possible to get there. We started off 2017 by making the decision to move to another apartment where we would be saving even more money to get to our goal quicker. So right now my current apartment is a hot mess and full of boxes. I absolutely hate moving but I know it's a great opportunity to help us get to our end goal in 2 years. I know with our savings plan there will be no room for travel this year. I'm such a travel lover at heart and after going to 5 countries in Europe last year I don't think we could top that this year on a budget. We have so many destinations on our bucket list: Rome, Greece, Ireland and The Middle East, but those will have to take a back seat for now. I do however want to take at least one small trip this year, to Seattle. I have been binge watching Grey's Anatomy for a few months now and I have been OBSESSED with visiting Seattle lol. Such a beautiful city and I hope to explore this year. 

Another personal goal that ties into a work goal that I would love to conquer this year is to live outside of my comfort zone. I'm a very planned person and that makes me feel comfortable knowing the next step. Having things planned are great but I want to be more spontaneous and try things outside of comfort zone. I want to do things I fear and things I wouldn't normally do, maybe having lunch by myself or try indoor skydiving. I ended 2016 with that motto in mind, after leaving my 9-5 a few months ago and blogging full time I can definitely say that was a huge step outside of my comfort zone.

Tying this into my work life I want to make this year an amazing year for Patty's Kloset. It will be the first full year I work on PK full time. I want to put myself out there and do things outside of that comfort zone I fall into sometimes. There's no room for what ifs or I should of. I'm hungry, motivated and ready to grab 2017 by the horns!

motivating tips, reaching your goals, 2017 goals, resolutions, how to keep a resolution

3 Tips On How To Stay Motivated

Here are some tips on how to stay motivated that have always helped me. It's very easy to lose motivation especially when life kicks us in the ass sometimes. So I hope these tips help keep you motivated all year long.

Define your plan and goals in detail. What exactly do you want to achieve, don't just say I want to lose weight or I want to save money. Instead be specific, I want to lose total 20 pounds, I want to save $800. Making your goal as specific as possible, it helps it become more attainable and easier to achieve. 

Write down your goals on paper. This is my favorite part because I love to write things down in journals, planners, you name it. I'm a stationary hoarder! Writing things down makes the goal visual. Write a gym schedule or create a savings plan. If you're not big on writing in journals or planners try a vision board. Visual images are a great motivator as well. 

Break it down
I think this is a very important part because it's important to make steps on how to get to the bigger picture. Thinking about the end result at once can be overwhelming and discouraging sometimes. If I wanted to save $1000 in a year I much rather break that down to a smaller goal and eventually make it to the bigger picture. I would try and set a goal of $83 a month or putting away $20 a week. Small goals help you get to the bigger picture. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and hope all your dreams and goals for 2017 come to life.

What are some of your 2017 goals?


  1. Great post. I am sure you will conquer all these and more!


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  4. Good luck with your goals, you will smash it all! Happy 2017!

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