It's My Birthday! | Life Update

Happy birthday to me! Today I turned 31 years young, ahhh!

I'm so happy for another year of life and one filled with many blessings and people that I love. I get a good laugh when I tell people my age and they think I am 7 years younger. That's truly a blessing; thanks mom for the good genes!

 Birthdays for some people are usually used to see how far they've come in life or what they have achieved or accomplished. I definitely feel like I have achieved a huge goal that I had been wanting to achieve for some time but I was so scared to pursue it.

When I first moved to D.C. about a year ago for my husband's job I was down here unemployed for approximately four months. My husband suggested taking that as a sign to do what I love, which ever since I took the leap of faith of starting Patty's Kloset has been fashion and blogging. I was too scared to leave my structured 9-5 life that I had been use to for 13 years of my life. I eventually found a corporate job in the real estate taxes business. The money, location, benefits and the people that I worked with were amazing but something just didn't feel right for me. Deep down inside I wasn't happy. A day before Thanksgiving weekend my job notified me of pending budget cuts and I was let go. I went through the normal notions and I was upset and angry. After I got over that stage I thought to myself what now. My husband told me something then that has resinated with me everyday since then, "how many signs from the universe do you need to go do something that you love?". I couldn't agree with that more and I took this abrupt change as a sign.

I can finally say that I'm officially a full time blogger, yah!  As much as I love and am use to "structure" there was something in the 9-5 corporate world that was just making me feel miserable. Transitioning hasn't been easy but I'm so much happier now that I get to do something I love for a living! I have no idea what the future holds but I'm very excited about this new chapter and I hope you all join me. Cheers to 31!

Now, why have I brought you all to my kloset today?

For my 31st birthday, I'm sharing 31 random facts about me so you can get to know me a little bit aside from outfits and makeup. Let's dive right in!

31 random facts about me:

 1. I love the color pink
2. I have the worst memory ever
3. I'm terrified of huge dogs
4. Cereal is breakfast, lunch and dinner food 
5. I have a degree in Accounting / Business Administration
6. I've been married for 2 and a half years
7. I hate confrontation
8. I've been driving since I was 17 years old
9. I've had a Nissan all my life
10. I'm a fur mom

11. The labels in my pantry have to be facing forward
12. I like my ketchup and syrup outside of the fridge
13. I'm a heavy sleeper
14. I can do a great kermit the frog voice
15. I want 3 children
16. I HATE cleaning the bathroom
17. I love to eat croutons as a snack (and I hate to admit it)
18. I'm TERRIFIED of spiders
19. I hate roller coasters
20. I hate revolving doors (my foot got stuck in a Macy's revolving door when I was little and I have been traumatized since then)

21. I love to dance (especially bachata)
22. I love tacos (anything Mexican food)
23. I have a huge sweet tooth
24. Currently addicted to hazelnut coffee 
25. I hate to eat the butt of the bread or the first and last slice from sliced bread
26. I still have the Rush Hour soundtrack on cassette tape ( I don't know why)
27. I love white wine
28. I have no self control when it comes to popcorn
29. I believe in astrology
30. I prefer to drive 4 blocks than walk it (shame on me)
31. I got hit with a wooden telephone in kindergarten and still have the mark on my head 'till this day

Thank you so much for reading today's post and getting to know me a little better!
Cheers to 31!