Spa Day At Home With Emjoi

Does anyone else have spa days at home? As much as I love going to salons for all my beauty needs, every so often I like to give myself a spa day at home. 
Whether it's a mani/ pedi, hair or skin care sometimes I like to have a little me time at home and do those things myself. They can be very therapeutic for me.

I was very excited to try the eRase e60 from Emjoi. I've tried Emjoi products before (read here) and really love the quality of their products. The eRase is an epilator for the body and face and it has a three disc tweeter system which removes hair quickly and effectively. Can we talk about the packaging?!  I love the cute girly colors and it's also super compact. It's perfect to take for traveling purposes. Don't let the size fool you though because this little thing is powerful. It has two speeds: low, which is recommended for fine or sensitive hair, and high for coarse hair. It's equipped with 60 tweezers and it removes the hair from the root and leaves the skin smooth for up to 6 weeks. I don't know about you guys but shaving my legs too often is not one of my favorite things, so 6 weeks of shaving free sounds like music to my ears. #girlproblems

To use, simply plug in the adapter into an electrical outlet. It's best to use on clean dry skin, so no lotion or makeup. I used it straight out of the shower as you can see with my curly hair. Gently glide in sweeping motions in the direction of your hair growth. What I love about it is that if you press too hard it automatically slows down to protect your skin. I'm a little heavy handed so that came in handy for me. It's also best to work in small sections rather than up and down like a traditional razor.

It comes with a sensitive cover to apply on the tweezer head for sensitive areas like the bikini line, upper lip, chin and underarms. I usually don't remove any facial hair (except my brows) so I tried it on my underarms. For some reason my underarm hair grows back 10x faster than any other part of my body so I was very excited to try it on my underarms. I have sensitive skin (and ticklish lol) but the eRase applied smoothly. I really enjoyed using this product!

The eRase is available at QVC in limited colors and patterns throughout the year.

Hope you guys enjoyed today's beauty post and decide to use this product before deciding what to wear from your Kloset!

Product was provided by Lipton Publicity. As always all opinions are my own.