Dressed Up In Fall Colors

Welcome guys to the my redesigned site! 
I have been wanting to change my layout and update my site for quite some time now. I was looking around for the perfect design, and that is when I met Cassandra from Pretty Likely Design Studio.

She was amazing in making everything customized to fit my style and liking. I wanted something clean and very different compared to what I had before. As my life changes and I continue to grow I wanted my blog to grow as well. I'm loving every detail of this layout, especially how my content is easier to find by category now with the category button. As my blog expands I will be adding different topics on there.

I'm super happy with the outcome and can't wait to share more exciting content with you guys on this platform. 

So take a look around my new Kloset! Hope you guys like it and keep coming back! 

Outfit Details: 
Dress: Buffalo Exchange | Booties: Target | Purse: H&M | Hat: Charlotte Russe

Lets get into the first style post of the new redesigned site.

I shot this look a few weekends ago but didn't get a chance to post it up last week. The weather was so great; it was the perfect cool breeze without feeling too cold. To bring myself into the Fall the right way I wore this pumpkin-colored shift dress. I actually wore this dress for my birthday last year to brunch and the funny part about that is that my birthday is in December and it was about 70 degrees that day.  Couldn't believe I was able to wear a dress like this in December! 

This time I paired it with a black floppy hat and black booties. I was definitely dressed in fall colors, but I felt like something was definitely missing.

I've always felt like Fall accessories add a really nice touch to a plain look. Hats, booties and oversized scarves are my favorite additions to a look around this time of year. I usually like to top it off with a PSL, and yet surprisingly I've only had one PSL this season. Who am I? Lol. I've found a new profound love for hazelnut coffee so I guess that's what I'll be drinking all season long.

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Thanks for stopping by my Kloset!
Hope you guys enjoy the new redesigned site.