A London Itinerary For A First-Timer

Feels like forever since my last post. So excited to be back from my 12 day Euro trip and share it with you guys. There's something about coming back from vacation that makes me feel refreshed and inspired. I won't lie I still feel a little tired from adjusting to the time difference. Lol. Guess it will take me a while. Our first stop was London and we spent two nights there. The flight was 6 hours and it didn't feel so bad. Usually flights longer than 4 hours for me I start to go bonkers but this one was pretty smooth. (Thanks Virgin Atlantic). We stood at The Kensington Close Hotel, which was in a pretty good location. We were near a shopping area and the train station.

I wasn't prepared for the weather in London because although the weather said 68 degrees it did not feel like a "spring 68". It felt more like 45 to me and I didn't pack for that type of weather. One minute it would rain and the next the sun would be peeking out. That's London weather for you. 
My husband and I were able to do pretty much everything on our list. It was all things you should do as a first-timer in London.

-Westminster Abbey 
-London Bridge 
-Big Ben 
-London Eye 
-Houses of Parliament 
-Red booth 
-Harry Poter 9 3/4 Platform
-Tower Bridge

We traveled on the tube (their train), which was so easy to get around on. We purchased two Oyster cards and were out and about. I didn't feel unsafe and London sort of reminded me of a slower paced New York. We definitely had some tea in a cute cafe. The tea lover in me couldn't leave without enjoy some London tea!
I couldn't get much clarity on the photos because it was so gray and cloudy the two days we were there but hope you guys enjoy my pics!

Buckingham Palace

Tower Bridge

Big Ben

My husband is a huge Harry Potter fan! 

Westminster Abbey

Houses of Parliament 

London Eye

The Muffin Man Tea Shop (So yum!)

Someone decided to dab in front of the Houses of Parliament. (haha)

The tube! Such colorful trains. 


"London Baby!". Couldn't help but hear that the whole time in my head in Joey's (from Friends) voice.

I booked this whole trip through a travel tour which pretty much did all the leg work for you and the price included stay and meals. If you would like me to post more info on it in detail I would love to share it in a post just comment below. 

Hope you guys enjoyed my travel post. I will be recapping more this week.