24hrs in Germany + Exploring Switzerland With A Mount Titlis Experience

Another travel post!
I was going to break up my travel post with some outfit pics in-between but decided to just sharing them all in the same week. It's been great sharing them on the blog because the pictures just bring me some amazing memories. 
I'm sharing Germany and Switzerland in the same post because Germany was a one-night stay. We stayed in a small town called Cologne overnight and did a little exploring in the morning before heading to the next stop. We took a cruise along the Rhine River which was beautiful. We got to see some castles and the famous Lorelei rock. 


Lorelei rock

A castle


After Germany we headed to Lucerne, Switzerland and made it there in the night. Our rooms had an amazing balcony view overlooking the mountains and the river. We got there just in time to see sundown. Switzerland has charming streets and also very narrow streets. Our bus driver had to do some real Fast & Furious moves to get the bus in front of the hotel. Lol. The next morning we toured around the beautiful city. We got to see the Lion Monument, buy some yummy chocolate and see so many watches. My husband was in heaven. In the late afternoon we went to an excursion to Mount Titlis. We got to go 10,000 feet up to the top of the mountain. If you caught my snaps you know I cried all the way up. It's so crazy how it was 80 degrees at bottom level and when we got to the top it was 46 degrees and greeted by snow. I was freaking out the higher we got. I'm terrified of heights but it's an experience I'm glad I did. Up on the top there was an ice cave you can walk in, shops and places to eat. That's where I got my super size Toblerone lol. At night we had some Swiss food accompanied by some yodeling Lol. It was a pretty fun night.

 Balcony view

Lion Monument

10,000 ft in the air!


Thanks for reading today's post.
I'll be recapping the last stop tomorrow.