Workout Wednesday with TKO

It's workout Wednesday!
I haven't done a fitness post in what feels like a while. If you guys remember about 2 months ago I was complaining of fatigue and lack of energy and didn't know what it was. Once I started my fitness routine it all seemed to go away. My body does not lack energy like it did before. It's crazy how my body knows when I'm feeding it crap and not working out. 

What I'm wearing:

Top & Pants: Five Below | Sneakers: Target | Resistance band - TKO | Water bottle: Mandee | Mat: Walmart

I was recently sent this resistant band from TKO available at Amazon to try out. I was very excited to try it out because all though I have a gym in my complex I've found myself lately sneaking in more workouts at home than actually going downstairs to workout. With a full time job, blogging and taking care of wife duties and fur mom duties things can get pretty busy. So, multi tasking has become my forte and having multi use workout equipment at home is key. The resistant band is great for lower and upper body workouts. It has a 4 way stretch, which can give you a lot of workout options. My favorite types of workouts are abdominal workouts maybe because I'm trying to get those baby abs in for the summer. Lol. What's your favorite type of workouts? 

This TKO resistance band will definitely be incorporated in my home workouts and because it's lightweight I can even bring it along for a nice outside workout in the park as the weather is finally cooperating!

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Happy humpday.

Product was provided by Lipton Publicity for review. As alway all opinions are my own.