How To Do Vegas In Your 30s

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and weekend. I had such a good time back home with my family on Christmas Eve and enjoyed all the yummy homemade food.
Today's post I wanted to share some photos from my birthday trip to Las Vegas. I had so much fun and snapped a lot of pics. I went down with my hubby, cousin and her boyfriend and we had a blast. I been to Vegas before in 2010 for Halloween weekend but it was a super super short stay because that was the year it had awkwardly snowed the day before Halloween so my flight was canceled and I lost a day in Vegas. I was excited to go again especially with my hubby who's never been and to celebrate my 30th! He planned out the whole entire weekend. Thanks hubby! Hope you guys enjoy my pics.

The first day the time difference was kicking our butts. We arrived late at night so we went straight to sleep.  That's probably the only downside I hate about traveling to another time zone. Lol. We stood at Harrah's Hotel which is located on the strip (the Blvd) so we were able to walk to almost everything. The first full day we went on a gondola ride around the Venetian Hotel in the morning. I really felt like I was in Rome for a minute. We also visited the Madame Tussauds wax museum. That was actually my first time and was pretty fun. The wax celebrities look so real that it's creepy. Lol. We did a lot of walking on Blvd strip and my husband is a big Star Wars fan so we saw the new Star Wars movie during the afternoon. By the evening we met up with my cousin and her boyfriend and went to a local bar. 

On day 2 we had the best brunch ever at Flamingo Hotel. I definitely was not thinking about my diet lol. The food was so good I might of had one to many plates. We ended up walking the strip and going into the hotel casinos to play the slot machines. I honestly hate gambling but I decided to give it a try for fun. I ended up winning $210! I couldn't believe it. The rest of the day was pretty relaxing and at night we ended up doing a club crawl. It was a good way to experience the Vegas night life. I was super exhausted by the end of the night, my body can't hang in the night life scene like I did in my early 20's. 

On our last full day we really wanted to do the Grand Canyon but that was a full day activity and we were so tired from the night before. The Grand Canyon is on my list of places I want to see so we want to go to Arizona soon and see it from that end since we couldn't do it while in Vegas. Instead we  started our last full day with lunch at In -n- Out Burger. We actually stumbled across it by accident, we had no idea Vegas had one. I tried In -n- Out for the first time when I went to LA in 2011 and it was the best burger of my life. I certainly wasn't leaving Vegas without having the best burger ever! Afterwards we met up with a Cali friend at night for some drinks and just enjoyed our last day on the strip. 

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