Simple Wing Line Tutorial

"May the wings of your eyeliner always be even"

Have you guys seen that meme floating around on social media? I think it's so darn funny. I'm kicking off the new month with a beauty post. I wanted to share my routine for a simple wing line. I'm no beauty guru but I wanted to share a mini tutorial on how I do my wing liner with you guys. So many people do it so many different ways, just wanted to share my little techniques.

Not all wing lines are created equal (at least in my book). Some days I'm feeling a little extra and go for a more dramatic wing but for today's tutorial I'm going to show you guys a simple one. I usually go for this one when I don't want a dramatic makeup look or just want to add a little extra makeup to the office. 
There's so many different products out their for liners, some people prefer pencil/pen over liquid. I personally like liquid because I feel it looks more dark and precise. I fluctuate between E.L.F's liquid liner and the one I used in the tutorial, Wet n' Wild's Mega Liner. The tip is very thin and I think that helps create a sharp line. I love how inexpensive it is, for $3 it's a awesome liner in my book. 

Wet n' Wild Mega Liner  #861 Black

I start of first by drawing a line from the end of my eye diagonally, lining it up with the tip of my eyebrow. (The less dramatic I want it the short the line I create.)
I start to fill in the line over my eye connecting it to the outer corner of my eye.
I then draw a little triangle at the end starting from the end of the line connecting it back.
Then I fill in that triangle and start to fill in the line over my eye. 
I drag to the outer corner of my eye to finish the line.
There's many days my line doesn't look clean but that's what concealer is for.  A little bit of concealer on a q-tip fixes any mistakes. My favorite concealer to fix up the line is the Rimmel London Match Perfection.

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Which kind of liner do you guys use? Comment below, I'd love to try a new one.

Hope you guys enjoyed this beauty post, happy December!