Cocktail Fridays

Today's post requires a glass and fun straw! Well the fun straw is optional but I always like to make my drinks a little cuter. I got a chance to review some yummy cocktails from Real Cocktails. I love a pre made drink in a bottle because all the work is done for you. I received both their flavors; Margarita and Cosmo to try. Anybody who knows me knows I love me a margarita so I was extra excited to try that one.


This one was my favorite. It combines all the flavors of your traditional margarita (tequila, triple sec and lime juice) and since it's ready to serve in the bottle makes your margarita in seconds. That's a big plus for me because I hate trying to put my favorite drink together on my own, I've had a few epic fails before.
Whenever I drink a margarita I always feel like eating a Mexican dish lol. They just go hand in hand in for me. Quesadillas please!!


The Cosmo works great for a girls get together. Such a girly drink! I must admit the hubby tried to sneak a sip or two when I was trying out the Cosmo. Lol I won't judge him if you won't. If you want to try these out for your next girls night or heck just a Friday, I linked a list of their local locations (here) and you can also order them online.

Cocktail Fridays?
This should totally be a thing. Hope you guys enjoyed today's post.

Have an awesome weekend.
I know I been lacking post on the blog this week due to my move but I will be back next week sharing some ootd's!

This post was sponsored by Real Cocktails. As always all opinions are my own and were not edited by a third party.