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Todays post is from the comfort of my own home.
 I'm getting cozy with Firmoo and these cute frames. These are prescribed glasses and I just love how modern these frames look. Firmoo is an online otical store for men and women. When I was asked to review one of their glasses I was pretty excited because I haven't bought a pair of new glasses in a couple years. The ones I been using at home have such an old style to them. I knew eventually I had to buy new ones. I been blind pretty much all my life. Like seriously guys,  you can stand in front of me just inches away and without my glasses I can't make out your face. Lol. That's pretty bad.  I wore glasses from the age of probably 10, until I was old enough to wear contacts. Usually when I get home if I know I'm not going back out I like to change into my glasses to let my eyes breath.

I've never ordered glasses online before so this was different for me. The Firmoo site made it real easy to order them online. There's so many selections to choose from, not only prescription glasses but you can also order just frames as well as prescribed sunglasses.  I love how they have the measurements to every aspect of the frames to ensure you get the perfect fit when ordering.

With so many options to choose from I was very undecided on which ones to get. I decided to go for something different and get their two tone black and clear ones. Like they say you never know until you try something different. I ended up loving this style and want to wear them more often outside of the house. I'm a proud four-eyed! Haha. I was very satisfied with quality of them. The package came with a nice case, spectacle pouch, cleaning cloth and a tiny screwdriver.

If you want to get new frames and give Firmoo a try, they are offering new customers a 50% off coupon code to use on frames sitewise. You can check that out here!!

Hope you guys enjoyed todays post.
If any of you guys order from Firmoo please tag me with your new frames. I would love to see which ones you get.


This post was sponsored by Firmoo. All opinions expressed are my own.

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